A common vision for Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

Background for the appointment of Silkeborg
as the Outdoor Capital of Denmark


The location of Silkeborg in the middle of an area with lakes, rivers and forests provides an opportunity to explore the integration of the outdoors and outdoor activities in interaction with the core mission and policies of the municipality. Because we know that access to nature and the wide range of possible outdoor activities meets a core human need and has a wide range of benefits.

Therefore, a group of local actors together with Silkeborg Municipality took the initiative to designate Silkeborg as Denmark's Outdoor Capital in 2017. Following this, the Outdoor Institute was established.

The initiative around Denmark's Outdoor Capital was originally intended as a branding and product development initiative.


Shortly after the appointment, it became clear to the stakeholder group that outdoor can help strengthen efforts in a wide range of important health and welfare-related areas - and the idea of a 360-degree holistic model was born and formulated in the form of the master plan.

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Outdoor initiatives in Silkeborg

Be an Outdoor City!

Experience the Outdoor Capital of Denmark and develop your own city’s approach. We share our knowledge and support you in developing your Outdoor City in a facilitated and collaborative process.

Courses for professionals

The Outdoor Institute’s course offerings focus on how you as a professional can use nature as a resource, and how your organization can develop and embed the right content and framework for an outdoor culture.

Development of nature-based initiatives

As a development and knowledge-sharing center, we have extensive experience in developing and implementing nature-based interventions.

The Outdoor Compass

The Outdoor Compass gives you an overview of the key elements in the development of an outdoor culture.

Evaluation of benefits

We conduct both qualitative and quantitative evaluations based on interviews, questionnaires, participant observation, etc.

Professional presentations, lectures and workshops

Knowledge sharing creates development. So please, don’t hesitated to contact us if you need knowledge about benefits of nature, outdoor health initiatives, etc.

Diploma in Outdoor

Dania Business School and Outdoor Institute have entered into a collaboration where Outdoor Institute’s competent lecturers will inspire and teach the students.

Wellbeing Packages

Improving employees physical, mental and social well-being with outdoor services for companies