How we work


In 2017, the local tourism organisation together with Silkeborg Municipality took the initiative to designate Silkeborg as Denmark's Outdoor Capital. Following this, the Outdoor Institute was established.

Because the ambition to be Outdoor Capital requires creating value for all stakeholders and target groups, both locally, nationally and internationally. The Outdoor Institute therefore has a crucial role in this ambition and will strengthen the ongoing development of Silkeborg Municipality as Denmark's Outdoor Capital.

At Outdoor Institute we believe in an increased integration of the outdoors in our everyday lives, which is why through this vision we want to ensure better well-being for the individual, increased cohesion in society and better welfare for more people. We see this as creating social and environmental sustainability and balancing the use and protection of our unique natural environment.

Læs vores strategi / Read our Strategy


If the use of outdoor space is to help address important societal issues, it is necessary to find a strong and independent initiator, facilitator and bridge-builder who can work with the many relevant actors.

That is why we at the Outdoor Institute want to help create links between the many different actors who want to use the outdoors to strengthen health, well-being and growth. We are good at initiating, sharing knowledge and facilitating collaborations, and we see that the more and stronger the connections, the greater the impact of our combined efforts.

Director and CEO Heiko Buch-Illing and project manager Pelle Mortensen, talks about the vision of Outdoor Institutes (in danish)