What we do

Sustainable Solutions

We are an outdoor development and knowledge centre that advises, guides and supports all those concerned with implementing the use of nature in their respective settings.
In addition to contributing relevant practice- and research-related knowledge, we are happy to act as professional consultants in both development and anchoring processes that can create sustainable solutions and/or a strong outdoor culture.

Be an Outdoor City!

Experience the Outdoor Capital of Denmark and develop your own city’s approach. We share our knowledge and support you in developing your Outdoor City in a facilitated and collaborative process.

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Outdoor Institute kan hjælpe jer med evaluering af naturbaserede indsatser

Evaluation of benefits

We conduct both qualitative and quantitative evaluations based on interviews, questionnaires, participant observation, etc.

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The Outdoor Sustainability Approach

Learn about Silkeborg’s inclusion of sustainability in outdoor initiatives exemplified by Forces of Nature.

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Professional presentations, lectures and workshops

Knowledge sharing creates development. So please, don’t hesitated to contact us if you need knowledge about benefits of nature, outdoor health initiatives, etc.

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Case-wall presenting the Outdoor Capital of Denmark, Silkeborg.

Development of nature-based initiatives

As a development and knowledge-sharing center, we have extensive experience in developing and implementing nature-based interventions.

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Læs om kurser i naturbaserede velfærdsindsats

Courses for professionals

The Outdoor Institute’s course offerings focus on how you as a professional can use nature as a resource, and how your organization can develop and embed the right content and framework for an outdoor culture.

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The Outdoor Compass

The Outdoor Compass gives you an overview of the key elements in the development of an outdoor culture.

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