The Outdoor Compass

Strategic dialogue using the Outdoor Compass

Dialogue tool

The Outdoor Compass gives you an overview of the key elements in the development of an outdoor culture. The elements are divided into the 7 axes of the compass, each of which has a number of levels.

When the development of outdoor culture is discussed between e.g. teams and management, the outdoor compass can make visible the content, scope, prioritisation and coherence of the different actions/initiatives. Tjek tjek tjek tjek

From development to embedding

The Outdoor Compass is particularly suitable as a framework for strategic decisions and concrete actions. Once the compass has been developed, targets and signs for specific activities are further developed to focus on the concrete effects on the target group. The compass is regularly revisited in follow-up compass dialogues.

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Wall of Initiatives

The Wall of Initiatives tell the story about a whole community, Silkeborg, dedicated to the use of outdoor for the common good.

Nature Forces

Outdoor activities strengthening mental, physical and social health for people recovering from cancer.

School in Nature

Dybkær Special School supporting pupils with special needs and their profesionals in using outdoor.

Out in the Open

Use of outdoor activities to train strength, fitness and balance for people with COPD, heart disease and diabetes.

In the Footsteps of the Past

Local cultural experiences as a lever for more activity in nature.

Denmark’s Outdoor Festival

Inspiration and knowledge sharing event for professionals, citizens and visitors.

Outdoor Day for All

Event for citizens with special needs providing a wide range of outdoor activities

Outdoor Academy

Education program empowering people who develop and coordinate outdoor initiatives and experiences.

Nature on Prescription

Outdoor as treatment to improve mental health, empowerment and job readiness.