The Outdoor Sustainability Approach

The Outdoor Sustainability Lab is the Outdoor Capital's space for development and practice regarding initiatives in the core task

Initiatives supporting the use of nature in every part of our society for the benefit of well-being and growth.

The Outdoor Sustainability Lab (OSL)

The OSL programs offer a variety of diverse initiatives, each incorporating three critical pillar values, orbiting around the common thread of sustainability: environmental, social, economic:

  • Social: When assessing social perspectives, one takes into account e.g. human rights, livelihoods, health, cultural diversity and gender equality. Sustainable development in the social perspective is about providing people with a good education, good working conditions and good health services.
  • Economics: Economic aspects of sustainable development are about reducing poverty, creating an equitable distribution of resources, promoting a national and global market economy and taking into account working conditions and income. It is about ensuring people’s economic security.
  • Environment: Environmental concerns include sustainable use of natural resources and land, reducing pollution of nature, enhancing biodiversity, reducing climate change and preventing environmental and natural disasters.

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The Sustainable Solution

An OSL initiative is considered sustainable when it contributes to the health of a relevant target group, thereby creating positive socio-economic effects, and at the same time ensures that the use of nature is done in a balanced way that helps to strengthen the readiness for sustainable action of the target group.

Nature Forces alias Naturkræfter

The Nature Forces initiative is a perfect example of a successful program utilizing outdoor actives to strengthen mental, physical and social health for people recovering from cancer.

The program is designed for citizens recovering from cancer and is an offer aimed at men of all ages. Outdoor activities including nature care, physical trådning with nature elements, bonfire, etc., allow the participants to:

• Regain, maintain or improve muscle strength and fitness
• Reduce discomfort associated with the disease
• Achieve greater well-being, both physically and mentally
• Create social relationships with others in the same situation
• Gain motivation for movement in the future

Indications of sustainability gains in Nature Forces


Using the force of nature for rehabilitation, the Nature Forces program, delivered by a comprehensive team of talented experts, offers outdoor training with a sustainable approach included, fellowship building and empowerment to the well-being and recovery in the journey of cancer patients.

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Wall of Initiatives

The Wall of Initiatives tell the story about a whole community, Silkeborg, dedicated to the use of outdoor for the common good.

Nature Forces

Outdoor activities strengthening mental, physical and social health for people recovering from cancer.

School in Nature

Dybkær Special School supporting pupils with special needs and their profesionals in using outdoor.

Out in the Open

Use of outdoor activities to train strength, fitness and balance for people with COPD, heart disease and diabetes.

In the Footsteps of the Past

Local cultural experiences as a lever for more activity in nature.

Denmark’s Outdoor Festival

Inspiration and knowledge sharing event for professionals, citizens and visitors.

Outdoor Day for All

Event for citizens with special needs providing a wide range of outdoor activities

Outdoor Academy

Education program empowering people who develop and coordinate outdoor initiatives and experiences.

Nature on Prescription

Outdoor as treatment to improve mental health, empowerment and job readiness.