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Who is Outdoor Institute?

Access to nature and the wide range of possible outdoor activities fulfils a core human need and also provides a wide range of benefits. The location of Silkeborg in the middle of an area with lakes, rivers and forests provides an opportunity to explore the integration of the outdoors and outdoor activities in interaction with the core mission and policies of the municipality.

Silkeborg's ambition to be Denmark's Outdoor Capital requires the creation of value for all stakeholders and target groups, both locally, nationally and internationally. The Outdoor Institute plays a crucial role in this ambition and strengthens the ongoing development of Denmark's Outdoor Capital.

The Outdoor Institute is established as a strong and independent initiator, facilitator and bridge builder that can collaborate with the many relevant actors. The institute has a special role due to its association to Silkeborg as Denmark's Outdoor Capital.

Strong political and municipal support

Silkeborg Municipality supports the Outdoor Institute's role as a development and knowledge centre for Denmark's Outdoor Capital. Formally confirmed in Commitment til Outdoor Institute by Major Helle Gade and Municipal Director Lone Lyrskov.

"The Outdoor Institute has a very special role in the development of an Outdoor Living Lab, which links practice with research, and where the municipality in relevant areas, in collaboration with the Outdoor Institute, makes itself available for national and international outdoor research."

Helle Gade (Mayor, Silkeborg Municipality)

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We help connect the many different actors who want to use outdoor to strengthen health, well-being and growth. We initiate, share knowledge and facilitate collaborations.

You are always welcome to email or call us to discuss a new initiative, an ongoing project, a future collaboration or anything else.

Mann standing at a lake

Heiko Buch-Illing

Cand.Scient. Biology, Diploma in Management, "Verwaltungsfachangestellter", Falckredder

Professional background:
I have extensive experience in developing and anchoring overall political and organisational visions and goals and am concerned with real value creation for my stakeholders and target groups that is sustainable and therefore lasting.

+45 24 88 96 28

Mand står i naturen

Pelle Mortensen
Project Manager

Physical therapist,
Bachelor in Public Health Sciences

Professional background:
Most recent work was in DEFACTUM, Region Midtjylland. Here I have supported various research initiatives, as well as acted as a liaison between the practice and research fields.

+45 54 58 13 35

Bjarne Bo Christensen - Kommunikationsansvarlig

Bjarne Bo Christensen
Lead of Communication

Master in IKT og Learning, NGO leadership, Bachelor in Social Anthropology and minor in Physical Education.

Professionel background:
I have extensive experience in knowledge sharing and strategic communication from my time at Astra - and at the Outdoor Institute I focus on organizational development and building a strong communication platform to support the Outdoor Institute's strategic efforts.

+45 31 38 98 31

Lene Lottrup - Projektleder

Lene Lottrup
Project Manager

Arkitekt cand.arch., Ph.D.,
process consultant

Professionel background:
For the past 15 years, I have worked with nature as a health promoter - as a landscape architect, researcher, process consultant and teacher. I am interested in how we implement knowledge about nature as a resource for human health in both long-term strategies and concrete projects.

+45 28 30 25 56


Mads - Bestyrelsesformand

Mads Rugholm

Chairman of the Board

VP Sales & Marketing, LIZN ApS

Kvinde i naturen

Liselotte Nis-Hanssen

Partner & Servicedirector


mand i naturen

Erik J. Møller

Vice-Chair of the board

CEO Nordisk

mand i naturen

Mark Held


Europeean Outdoor Group

mand i naturen

Mads Frandsen

Councillor in Silkeborg Municipality

Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee


Mand i natur

Luis da Silva Martins

Councillor in Silkeborg Municipality

Member of Culture-, Leisure-, Outdoor- and Sport Committee

mand i naturen

Hans Okholm

Former Councillor in Silkeborg Municipality

Silkeborg Municipality


Chairman, Mads Rugholm talks about Outdoor Institute's focus on welfare in Silkeborg Municipality


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