Knowledge sharing

At the Outdoor Institute, we support the value creation of the outdoors in a wide range of health and welfare-related areas - and work to strengthen the optimal framework for knowledge sharing and anchoring.

The aim is that the use of outdoor can have a lasting social impact locally, nationally and internationally.

Social workers and the use of outdoor

Can increased use of institutions’ outdoor spaces create a better working environment and better quality of work?

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Outdoor Activities - People with diabilities in canoe©Adobe stock v/ Outdoor Institute

Webinar: Outdoor sports and physical & mental health (is held)

Are you interested in or working with the connection between Outdoor Sports and Physical and Mental Health? Watch the recorded webinar! 🍃

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People on bicycles

Talk about Nature & Health by Simon Høgsmark

Simon Høegmark from the University of South Denmark speak about his approach to promoting mental and physical health through a greater use of the outdoors in dedicated activity programs.

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Institutioner med Outdoor Profil

Institutions with Outdoor Profile

Development and implementation of outdoor activities in the professional routines at social housing and activity institutions.

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Nature Guide for Daycare

Inspirational material for daycare workers and parents motivating increased use of local nature.

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