Outdoor Alliance

Be a part of our outdoor commitment
A strong and powerful non-profit movement

The Outdoor Alliance is a non-profit Think Tank dedicated to promoting the use of the outdoors in every part of life – for a healthier and more sustainable society.


The partners of the Outdoor Alliance commit themselves to contribute actively by acting as ambassadors for our common cause and engaging in collaboration and knowledge sharing across the network.

Partner benefits

  • Partner conference/webinar
    Outdoor Alliance organises an annual partner event that highlights the latest knowledge on the positive effects of using nature and provides an opportunity for development, collaboration and knowledge sharing across the partner network.
  • Sparring/guidance on. development of Outdoor Initiatives
    Partners can contact the Outdoor Institute for advice and guidance on development and anchoring of new Outdoor Initiatives
  • Newsletter
    Outdoor Alliance publishes 4 annual newsletters with the latest information on the development of the Outdoor field. Individual partners have the opportunity to contribute or be included in the Outdoor Alliance newsletter.
  • Exposure
    Partners have the opportunity to be exposed either digitally or physically during. Outdoor Institute profile activities and/or on the Outdoor Institute website
  • Branding with OI logo
    Partners will have the opportunity to use the Outdoor Institute logo for their own profiling
  • Access to Outdoor Institute's competences
    As a partner, you have special access to the Outdoor Institute's competences*, such as lectures, well-being programs for organizations, development programmes (Outdoor Cities), visits to the Outdoor Capital, etc.
  • Exclusive sponsorship
    Partners have the opportunity to contribute with an exclusive sponsorship either overall or targeted at specific initiatives
    (*to be agreed and paid separately)

Outdoor Alliance Charter

Altruistic – Partners are affiliated to contribute to our common cause, rather than to exploit membership

Commitment – Partners enter into a committed relationship with each other that benefits collaboration and knowledge sharing

Equality – Partners are equal in every way

Active – Partners contribute actively as ambassadors in their respective communities

Outdoor Alliance is apolitical and supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Partner terms

To become a partner of Outdoor Alliance, you must meet the following 3 conditions:

  1. One contact person must be appointed to the Outdoor Alliance who is part of the network and is visible to the other partners.
  2. The Outdoor Alliance will have the possibility to use the partners' logo for the communication of the network Subscription.
  3. Subscription. Partners pay an annual subscription for their participation depending on size:
    • Over 1000 employees: € 10.000
    • Between 100 and 999 employees: € 2.500
    • Between 10 and 99 employees: € 1000
    • Less than 10 employees: € 500

Wall of Initiatives

The Wall of Initiatives tell the story about a whole community, Silkeborg, dedicated to the use of outdoor for the common good.

Nature Forces

Outdoor activities strengthening mental, physical and social health for people recovering from cancer.

School in Nature

Dybkær Special School supporting pupils with special needs and their profesionals in using outdoor.

Out in the Open

Use of outdoor activities to train strength, fitness and balance for people with COPD, heart disease and diabetes.

In the Footsteps of the Past

Local cultural experiences as a lever for more activity in nature.

Denmark’s Outdoor Festival

Inspiration and knowledge sharing event for professionals, citizens and visitors.

Outdoor Day for All

Event for citizens with special needs providing a wide range of outdoor activities

Outdoor Academy

Education program empowering people who develop and coordinate outdoor initiatives and experiences.

Nature on Prescription

Outdoor as treatment to improve mental health, empowerment and job readiness.