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4 approaches to nature and man's relationship with nature

People's approach to nature will always be context-dependent and influenced by the individual's background. But as Annette describes in the video, there are qualities and characteristics that are common.

"Although on the one hand we can say that the experience of nature is individual and rooted in the life story of the individual, there are still some qualities or characteristics of our relationship with nature that are common to us all. Broadly speaking, there are 4 different gifts to nature depending on who you are, where you grew up and what you are socialised to." (Bischoff in 'Rehabilering ude' 2019)

Four approaches to nature:

  • A physical approach, actively acting in the encounter with nature
  • An aesthetic, poetic approach, slow, dreamy, creative
  • A concrete knowledge and understanding based approach, context, history, etc.
  • An emotional, poetic, meditative, spiritual approach - being part of nature ...



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Annette Bishcoff holds a Master in Sports Education and Sports Psychology from the University of Copenhagen, and a PhD in Outdoor Life and Nature Experience from the Norwegian University of Environment and Life Sciences.

The video was produced in connection with a webinar by Outdoor Institute & Share held on 15th June 2022.