Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

The shared vision for the Outdoor Capital of Denmark

The location of Silkeborg in the middle of an area with lakes, rivers and forests provides an opportunity to explore the integration of the outdoors and outdoor activities in interaction with the core mission and policies of the municipality. Because we know that access to nature and the wide range of possible outdoor activities meets a core human need and has a wide range of benefits.

In Silkeborg we developed a masterplan on "How to realize the Outdoor Capital". With a holistic 360 approach, we bring nature into the picture wherever we see new opportunities for the development of whole communities on a local, national or international level.

The Outdoor Sustainability Approach

Learn about Silkeborg’s inclusion of sustainability in outdoor initiatives exemplified by Forces of Nature.

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A common vision for Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

From branding Silkeborg as a nature city to Denmark’s Outdoor Capital. Read the story behind the unique Silkeborg approach.

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How to realize the Danish Outdoor Capital

This is how we realize Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

Since 2017, the master plan for Denmark’s Outdoor Capital has set the direction for Silkeborg’s unique 360-degree approach.

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