Denmark’s Outdoor Capital

This is how we realise Denmark's Outdoor Capital ...

... with use of outdoor in three main areas: Wellfare, Knowledge & Growth, and Leisure & Nature


The idea of an Outdoor Master Plan, which will set the direction for Silkeborg's work to develop Denmark's Outdoor Capital, was born in the Culture, Leisure and Sports Committee.

The Outdoor Master Plan describes how Silkeborg Municipality wants to strengthen its position as Denmark's Outdoor Capital within three areas of action:

You can read much more about the Outdoor Master Plan in the PDF below. Pt. only available in Danish, but we will be back with a English version asp.

The Masterplan pdf is at the moment only available in Danish. But come back: We are working on an English version 🙂

Masterplan DOH


The location of Silkeborg in the middle of an area with lakes, rivers and forests provides an opportunity to explore the integration of the outdoors and outdoor activities in interaction with the core mission and policies of the municipality. Because we know that access to nature and the wide range of possible outdoor activities meets a core human need and has a wide range of benefits.

Therefore, a group of local actors together with Silkeborg Municipality took the initiative to designate Silkeborg as Denmark's Outdoor Capital in 2017. Following this, the Outdoor Institute was established.

The initiative around Denmark's Outdoor Capital was originally intended as a branding and product development initiative. However, shortly after the appointment, it became clear to the stakeholder group that outdoor can help strengthen efforts in a wide range of important health and welfare-related areas. Therefore, Silkeborg Municipality and the Outdoor Institute have entered into a collaboration to strengthen the development of Denmark's Outdoor Capital.

The shared vision for Denmark's Outdoor Capital