Outdoor Academy

Education program empowering people who develop and coordinate outdoor initiatives and experiences

This education program on diplom or academy level provides employees with an invaluable "toolbox" which can be used to develop and implement new outdoor initiatives in companies or institutions.

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initiative participants: Dania Academy, Outdoor Institute

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Case Competition

Different proposals for an international marketing strategy for Denmark’s Outdoor Capital were pitched. Read about strategies to raise awareness of Denmark’s Outdoor Capital beyond the country’s borders.

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Welfare in Silkeborg Municipality

Under the focus area “Welfare” you will find the following seven initiatives:

Sharing and inspiration events, Tool bank for citizens with special needs, Youth contact, Nature recreation room, Residences with outdoor profile, Nature guide for day care and outdoor space.

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mand cykler i skoven

Leisure & Nature in Silkeborg Municipality

Under the action area “Leisure & Nature” you will find the following 3 initiatives:

Virklund Model, Nature and Sustainability and Contribute to the realisation of the Outdoor Action Plan 2022 and 2023.

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Wall of Initiatives

The Wall of Initiatives tell the story about a whole community, Silkeborg, dedicated to the use of outdoor for the common good.

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