Experience Silkeborg's Outdoor Living Lab!

We have selected a number of initiatives to show how the use of outdoor activities can contribute to mental and physical health.

Wall of Initiatives

The Wall of Initiatives tell the story about a whole community, Silkeborg, dedicated to the use of outdoor for the common good.

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Billede med Gudenåen Foto: Silkeborg Kommune © EuroMeet

In the Footsteps of the Past

Local cultural experiences as a lever for more activity in nature.

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Institutioner med Outdoor Profil

Institutions with Outdoor Profile

Development and implementation of outdoor activities in the professional routines at social housing and activity institutions.

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Ud i det fri - Tilbud fra Sundhedshuset - Foto: © Sundhedshuset

Out in the Open

Use of outdoor activities to train strength, fitness and balance for people with COPD, heart disease and diabetes.

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Natur på recept - øvelse i skovbund

Nature on Prescription

Outdoor as treatment to improve mental health, empowerment and job readiness.

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Social workers and the use of outdoor

Can increased use of institutions’ outdoor spaces create a better working environment and better quality of work?

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Tool bank for citizens with special needs

Can the development of a tool bank help facilitate access to nature for citizens with special needs.

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Institutioner med Outdoor Profil

Outdoor Day for All

Event for citizens with special needs providing a wide range of outdoor activities

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Naturkræfter Foto: © Silkeborg Kommune

Nature Forces

Outdoor activities strengthening mental, physical and social health for people recovering from cancer.

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Nature Guide for Daycare

Inspirational material for daycare workers and parents motivating increased use of local nature.

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Trivselpakke: Adobe © stockfoto

Denmark’s Outdoor Festival

Inspiration and knowledge sharing event for professionals, citizens and visitors.

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Skolen-i-Naturen Foto: © Dybkær Specialskole

School in Nature

Dybkær Special School supporting pupils with special needs and their profesionals in using outdoor.

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