Nature Forces

Outdoor activities strengthening mental, physical and social health for people recovering from cancer

Using the forces of nature for rehabilitation

Nature care, physical training with nature elements, bonfire and a number of additional outdoor activities.

Nature Forces is a team program with outdoor training, fellowship building and empowerment.

The program is designed for citizens recovering from cancer and is an offer aimed at men of all ages.

The aim is to help the participants to:

  • Regain, maintain or improve muscle strength and fitness
  • Reduce discomfort associated with the disease
  • Achieve greater well-being, both physically and mentally
  • Create social relationships with others in the same situation
  • Gain motivation for movement in the future


'Sundhedshuset' - The Health Care Centre of Silkeborg - have expertise in everything from smoking cessation advice to well-being talks, and offers a number of services for the citizens in Silkeborg.

For each main health area they have an outdoor offer and plans for using outdoor. The Health House is part of Health and Care Department in the Municipality of Silkeborg.

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